Helicopter Ball Drop

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Helicopter Ball Drop

from 20.00

The Eastbluff Elementary School EDADS proudly present our first annual

Helicoptor Golf Ball Drop, February 16th

1 Ball - $20.00

2 Balls - $35.00

5 Balls - $80.00

10 Balls - $150.00

During Flag Deck at the soccer/baseball fields at eastbluff park, east of the school.

In a joint effort to raise funds for our school and offer an exciting neighborhood event, the eDads have created an interactive way for Eastbluff students to participate in earning individual and group prizes for their efforts.

How it works!

Students sell golf balls for to those interested in supporting Eastbluff’s financial needs. Each ball purchased will have a unique number assigned to the owner of that ball. Then, on February 16th, a helicopter will drop all of the balls from the air aiming at a golf flag planted in the soccer/baseball fields next to Eastbluff Elementary.

-Cash and donor information can be submitted to the student’s teacher or to eDads (contact information is below to coordinate drop off)

-Students can also refer donors to edads.org where they can purchase their golf ball and provide contact information on line.



If your ball is the first one in the hole or if it is the closest to the flag if no balls end up in the hole, you win $1500!

The next in the hole or next closest wins $1,000!

3rd place wins $750!

4th place wins $500!

There will also be prizes for the students who sell the most golf balls and the class that sells the most golf balls!

All of the net proceeds will go directly to the Eastbluff Elementary eDads foundation, which researches and funds advanced technology solutions for our students.

For more information contact: jnourse@homgroup.com

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