The Eastbluff Edads Foundation

Founded in 2001, The Eastbluff Foundation now celebrates its eighth full year since inception. Initially the charter’s intention was to be a Dad’s group for Eastbluff Elementary, but over the last years, its mission and identity have taken shape to be so much more.

The foundation is an educational non-profit organization. The mission is to dedicate money for elementary-level schools both at Eastbluff and in outer-lying Orange County. We view education a community issue and responsibility. While local businesses thrive in the area, many schools fall behind due to lack of state subsidies. The business community leaders have a responsibility to assist in keeping the level of education consistent with the other virtues we hold precious here in Southern California. A major area of fundraising comes from grants and contributions of local businesses.

Each year, money raised is dedicated to a laundry list of needs Eastbluff Elementary has for which the PTA and school district are unable to provide. Examples of such subsidies include a new art and music building, comprehensive language classes and improved technology labs to name a just a few.

Just as we view education as a responsibility of our local businesses, we also hold ourselves responsible for assisting causes outside the Eastbluff community. Because we feel strongly about this, the foundation’s by-laws require a predetermined percentage of distributions be dedicated to the outer lying communities and their needs.

The Eastbluff Foundation is nicknamed "Edads" which implies that Dads are the driving force of this cause. However, this is not the case. The Edads welcome participation from anyone willing to help the cause of education in our community. As citizens we have an obligation to our community, to our children and to the re-development of our education system. Our State government continues to cut back on funds for education. Whether in Eastbluff or anywhere in Orange County, we all must our time and our money to improve the education of our children.